Neuer Job für Köchin

my new Job

in Austria

You are looking for the best jobs in tourism in Austria? You’ve come to the right place!

Your perfect job awaits!

Whether at a five-star-restaurant, a hotel or ski hut/winter chalet – Austria offers many job opportunities in the tourism sector that might interest you. You love your job, bring passion to your workspace and like to make sure that your guests and clients are content. Naturally, you value aspects like working time, salary and housing, because your job is a defining part of your life.

But which position fits you the most? You know how you want your perfect work environment to look like – we know the needs and requirements of our partners. This is how we came up with my new job in Austria!

Neuer Job als Kellner in Österreich

You are ready formy new job

  • Kitchen
  • Service
  • Bar
  • Reception
  • Housekeeping
  • and more

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